Emral: Persib Just Less Fortunate

Emral: Persib Just Less Fortunate

Negative results have not been willing to leave Persib Bandung, they again failed to reap the victory when bowed Persela Lamongan host 1-0 at the Stadio Surajaya last Sunday.

Due to these poor achievements, the team coach as well as the players apologize to their loyal bobotoh. Although in fact, coach Persib, Emral Abus assess the game goes balanced.

“Seeing the game, going well with the high tempo. That is to say, today is the final match between Persib with Persela, “said Emral Abus.

“Because the winner of the match, it was the 11th. Because Persib lost today, yes replaced with Persela.

“We once again apologize to Bobotoh, can not give maximum results,” he said.

“In our opinion, players have tried their best to win the game. Because with good looks, their self-esteem increases.

“They have tried as much as possible, but the result has not been side with Persib. Once again we apologize to Bobotoh, can not win the game, “he explained.

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