Mission Rises MU Against Bournemouth

Mission Rises MU Against Bournemouth

Manchester United has just swallowed a defeat in the Premier League continued. The Red Devils are trying to get up in the fight against Bournemouth.

During the game at Old Trafford at the weekend, Manchester United swallowed a defeat of Manchester City. They defeated 1-2 from Josep Guardiola’s side.

MU will undergo a game against Bournemouth at home, Thursday (14/12/2017) pm dawn. United manager Jose Mourinho insists that there is more motivation than foster children to be able to pick three points.

Double mission also carried MU. They do not want to slip like last season when entertaining Bournemouth.

“When you swallow a defeat, maybe you have a little more desire to win it.No one wants to swallow defeat.Every team in the world, when you lose, the next game you have the desire to try more,” said Mourinho on Sports Mole.

“The number of points we collected, last season we registered seven or eight fewer in this moment, we are drawing at home against Bournemouth, now let’s try to be better than last season,” he added.

Jurgen Klopp’s Attitude While Celebrating Goals Invites Criticism

Jurgen Klopp’s Attitude While Celebrating Goals Invites Criticism

Jurgen Klopp’s passionate celebration like it still can not fully accepted by the Premier League climate Agen judi online. Although not violating any rules but the Liverpool manager’s celebration still reap the tilted tone, especially after the Reds massacred Brighton And Hove Albion on Saturday (3/12) then.

In a match that took place at the Amex Stadium Liverpool is playing brilliant and able to wrap a landslide victory 1-5. Goals by Brace Roberto Firmino, Emre Can, Philipp Coutinho, and Lewis Dunk own goals, make Klopp gladly unbelievable that every time a goal is created he explodes.

It is thought to be provoking a Brighton manjaer, Chris Hughton. After the final whistle he and Klopp seemed to talk about something before going into the locker room. Although never revealed what is actually discussed, but it is believed Hughton did not like the celebration Klopp style.

Former Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur striker Garth Crooks, do not want to miss to discuss this. The man who is now a football pandit regrets why Klopp is still doing a celebration that he considered excessive despite ‘just’ win over Brighton.

“Lost with the score 5-1 was not fun. Especially when Jurgen Klopp punches in the air every time a goal is created and celebrates with his staff as if they have won the Champions League. I know the win is important but it is only a matter of Brighton, “Crooks told BBC Sport.

“He let the opposing manager (Hughton) wait to shake hands as he was engrossed in embracing and kissing the players and his staff. If Chris Hughton wants to leave without shaking his hand it deserves, ”

“Conversation for a moment after the game and shake hands will bring something different. Every manager should be aware of it, “he added.

The issue of excessive celebration is not the only time this is gossip material and Klopp is not the first person. Still missing in memory of last season’s incident where Jose Mourinho scolded Antonio Conte with a similar problem.

Mou is not happy when Manchester United he handled looks like contempt Conte and Chelseanya when met at Stamford Bridge in 2016/2017 season. Red Devils are losing 4-0 but Mou feel it’s not appropriate Conte do too much celebration. Since then both managers seem to start rivalry both on and off the pitch. (Source: Daily Mail)

Losing Embarrassing At Olimpico, Antonio Conte: Chelsea Loyo!

ROME, ITALY – OCTOBER 31: Chelsea FC head coach Antonio Conte reacts during the UEFA Champions League group C match between AS Roma and Chelsea FC at Stadio Olimpico on October 31, 2017 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images )

Losing Embarrassing At Olimpico, Antonio Conte: Chelsea Loyo!

Antonio Conte acknowledged that Roma showed aggressiveness and a desire to win bigger than Chelsea, in their second clash at Stadio Olimpico on Wednesday (1/11) early morning hrs Tigerbet77.com.

The Blues had to swallow a painful defeat by beaten three goals without reply by the Wolves of Rome. Stephen El Shaarawy became a field star with two goals in the first half, before being completed by a beautiful lesson from Diego Perotti in the second half.

After the game, Conte was deeply disappointed with the results achieved skuat upbringing in this fight. However, the Italian tactician urged his team to get up, making this their final defeat.

“When you lose 3-0, that means that performance is not good. Our first half played well, we created a lot of chances to score, but behind 2-0 was an unfair punishment, ”

“But in the second half, this was a very bad performance, Roma showed a greater desire to fight and more desire to win the game. I am very disappointed with the second half. For this performance, we all have to be responsible. ”

Conte hopes the error will not happen again

Conte claimed to make an analysis related three goals nested into Thibaut Courtois goalkeeper. He hopes “something wrong” in the Chelsea defense is not repeated. especially at the weekend Cesar Azpilicueta et al will face Manchester United in the Premier League.

“If you conceded three goals, you have to worry, that means something is wrong. It’s very difficult now, but we have to analyze our own game. ”

“We need to work on the tactical aspect, we have less work in this aspect this season. We have to see ourselves. Tonight is a bad night for us. Only one night, I hope so. ”

The defeat that makes the top of Group C standings taken over by Roma, where the Blues is one point behind. But their chances of qualifying are still very large, following Atletico Madrid who could not reach three points while being held to a Qarabag draw at Wanda Metropolitano.

This weekend Chelsea will still melakoni other heavy parties, when they come tough guests Manchester United in the 12th week in the Premier League at Stamford Bridge. Let’s wait how the response will be the Blues in this bigmatch party. (Source: Sportsmole)

Martial: I Want To Be a Starter

Martial: I Want To Be a Starter

Manchester striker Anthony Martial expressed his intention to be more often featured as a starter.

The French striker became the hero of the Red Devils, in a game against Tottenham Hotspur which took place on Saturday night. And he successfully become a hero of the three figures achieved by the team in the game after scoring the winning goal.

So far, the former Monaco have managed to carve four goals in the Premier League stage, and 21-year-old players want to get a bigger role in the team.

“I want to be able to play,” the player told Sky Sports.

“I do not want to sit on the bench, but Rashford has also performed well. The manager is trying to give us a chance, so we should be able to donate goals and give assists. ”

“The manager asked me to find a gap. I know that Romelu is good at controlling the ball with his head, and he also gives a good header. So I managed to find a gap behind the opposing defender, and scored a goal. “

Emral: Persib Just Less Fortunate

Emral: Persib Just Less Fortunate

Negative results have not been willing to leave Persib Bandung, they again failed to reap the victory when bowed Persela Lamongan host 1-0 at the Stadio Surajaya last Sunday.

Due to these poor achievements, the team coach as well as the players apologize to their loyal bobotoh. Although in fact, coach Persib, Emral Abus assess the game goes balanced.

“Seeing the game, going well with the high tempo. That is to say, today is the final match between Persib with Persela, “said Emral Abus.

“Because the winner of the match, it was the 11th. Because Persib lost today, yes replaced with Persela.

“We once again apologize to Bobotoh, can not give maximum results,” he said.

“In our opinion, players have tried their best to win the game. Because with good looks, their self-esteem increases.

“They have tried as much as possible, but the result has not been side with Persib. Once again we apologize to Bobotoh, can not win the game, “he explained.

Got a Red Card, Bonucci Can Fail “Reunion” At AC Milan Vs Juventus

Got a Red Card, Bonucci Can Fail “Reunion” At AC Milan Vs Juventus

AC Milan defender Leonardo Bonucci must receive a straight red card when his side are held to a goalless draw by Genoa in the ninth week of the Italian league at San Siro Stadium on Sunday (22/10/2017) A55bet.com.

Can be said, AC Milan failed to win the game because they have to play with 10 men because Leonardo Bonucci has been expelled since the 25th minute.

Bonucci was caught in the eye by referee Piero Giacomeli doing a nudge to the Genoa player, Aleandro Rosi.

Conditions make coach Vincenzo Montella must immediately draw attacking midfielder Hakan Calhanoglu to include Allesio Romagnoli in order to keep the team’s defense.

The red card is the first one obtained by Bonucci in the last five years.

The last time the 30-year-old was sent off in the Italian league came in the 22nd week of the 2010-2011 season when Juventus were beaten Udinese.

This condition also makes Milan threatened will not be strengthened Bonucci in the next two Italian League matches.

This is certainly a disadvantage for Milan. The reason, they must travel to the headquarters of Chievo Verona and entertain Juventus at the San Siro Stadium on the 10th and 11th week.

It also made a “reunion” between Bonucci and his former colleagues at Juventus that he had defended in the last seven seasons would be threatened.

Coutinho Urges Liverpool Continue Positive Trends

Coutinho Urges Liverpool Continue Positive Trends

After a 7-0 victory over Maribor in the Champions League continued on Wednesday morning, Philippe Coutinho requested that his Liverpool team-mates continue to work hard and return to victory.

The strong desire retainer Brazil national team, because he assessed now the appearance of the Reds has not fully appear consistent.

So Phil who continues in hook will leave to Barcelona urged his colleagues not quickly satisfied with a big win in can but must continue to work hard in the next game.

“The team focused since the early minutes,” said Philipe Coutinho told the media.

“In the game everything went well for us and we did a great job.

“But we have to keep working hard and training hard to keep it going.

“We still have other matches against them at home which will be difficult and we hope to play well in other matches.”

Juventus Thrill Deadly Attack Deadly Lazio

Juventus Thrill Deadly Attack Deadly Lazio

Good news approached Juventus ahead of the game against Lazio in Serie A continued on Saturday (14/10/2017). Bianconeri striker Mario Mandzukic, who had suffered an injury while strengthening Krosia national team in the 2018 World Cup Qualifying match, has been recovered and ready to play.

Previously, Mandzukic could undoubtedly appear because of suffering a serious ankle injury. But unexpectedly, 31-year-old striker was healed faster.

Later, Mandzukic re-placed in his original position as a center forward, following the declining performance of Gonzalo Higuain. However, in a match this time, it is not known whether coach Massimiliano Allegri will re-apply the scheme. Moreover, in the last two games, Higuain has begun to score again.

Allegri himself revealed that he is more focused in building a strong defense system for Juventus. According to him, a strong defense is the key to the team’s success in reaching the Scudetto.

“I only know one thing, in the last ten years only one team with the second best defense that won the Scudetto,” he said in a press conference ahead of the game, as reported by Football Italia.

In the last meeting, Juventus lost 2-3 from Lazio in the race for the Supercoppa Cup of Italy before this season rolled out. Juventus had an equalizer to 2-2 after trailing 0-2. For that, Allegri asked his foster children to anticipate Lazio counterattack.

“We should not allow a counterattack, because in Rome we played well for the first 10-15 minutes, then we let them for two to three counter attacks, and they are very good at utilizing it,” explained Allegri.

Vidal Says Retirement From Chile

Vidal Says Retirement From Chile

Chilean national team midfielder Arturo Vidal has stated his intention to retire from The Red Devils Agensbobet33.info.

Chile lost 3-0 to Brazil, in the last match of the group phase COMMEBOL zone. It put them down in sixth place, and failed to qualify for the play-off phase.

After that defeat, coach Antonio Pizzi decided to quit his post, and Vidal responded with a post on Instagram:

“Thanks for everything, man. For the lessons you have given, and thank you for pointing out to this country, that with effort and hard work, everything is possible to achieve, “the 30-year-old wrote in his Instagram account.

Wonderkid MU Foresee the World’s Best Player

Wonderkid MU Foresee the World’s Best Player

The legendary Arsenal player, Martin Keown, praised the Manchester United (MU) wonderkid, Marcus Rashford. England’s youth is judged to have the potential to become the world’s best players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Since being promoted to the Red Devils main team in the 2015-2016 season, Rashford continues to perform well. No wonder if eventually he often inhabit the front lines of Manchester United.

So far, Rashford has packed five goals and four assists with Manchester United in various events. 19-year-old player incised two assists when Manchester United crushed Crystal Palace 4-0 in Premier League action at Old Trafford Stadium on Saturday (30/09/2017).

“All the best players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Gareth Bale started out as wingers, now Rashford just needs to play a bit in the middle I think he will be a top player,” said Martin Keown.

Meanwhile, the same thing also thrown Manchester United legend, Ryan Giggs. According to Giggs, Rashford has a talent for growth.

“His ability is very good, he really gets everything and you will say he has a really good posture,” said Giggs, who is a legendary Manchester United player.

Latest, Marcus Rashford managed to deliver England to the 2018 World Cup finals after a 1-0 win over Slovenia, at Wembley Stadium, Friday (6/10/2017) early morning hrs.